Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fairy Space Princess

You know that feeling you get when you receive a piece of clothing/jewellery and instantly know that it'll be a forever-favourite? That's how I feel about this Giant Dwarf Shop starlet crown.

When the owner and creator of these beautiful headbands announced that she was going to be discontinuing the line in February, I threw caution (or at least my budget) to the wind and treated myself to a headband and 2 hair pins. Unfortunately, Sue was diagnosed with cancer shortly after receiving all of her orders so she had to recover from treatment before continuing with orders. I waited about half a year, but I can say with complete confidence that it was worth the wait!

Life has been so stressful with school, work (or lack there of) and money lately, so it was nice to throw on a pretty dress and a sparkly headband and skip my way in to school feeling extra fancy.

I hope that you're all having an excellent October 1st (8 more days 'til my birthday!!!!)