Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Laundry Day

What a blast from the past (lame.. couldn't think of anything more clever)! The last time I blogged from my parents' house was when I still lived here, which will be 2 years ago in April. As incredible as living on my own is, one major downside is that the only laundry machines in my building cost a fortune to use. Lucky for me, my parents happen to live about a 3 minute drive away and they are generous enough to let me use there machines for free, plus I get to hang out with my parents and my puppy, Maggie, for the day!

Maggie and I have a little thing we do, where whenever I hear the washing machine chime I excitedly say "MAGGIE WANNA DO LAUNDRY?!" and she jumps up and goes down the the basement with me and digs through all my dirty laundry while I sort it. It's so unbelievably uncool, but she's too cute for me to not get all excited about. I was so against getting a smaller dog after our black lab passed away, but the second I picked her out I became a hysterical, crazy little dog lady. Brad just shakes his head when I run through the door to my parent's house and start squealing with happiness to see her fly around the corner and jump into my arms.

As soon as I've arrived, Maggie expects that I will go into the kitchen and sit at the bar stools with her on my lap (she even barks at the empty chair if we don't do that immediately). My mom taught her the important commands like "sit" and "stay", whereas I am the one responsible for successfully teaching her to spin in a circle, and dance on her hind legs.

So yep, after being a big dog person my entire life, I finally get what this whole "little dog" thing is all about. But let's get real.. who wouldn't be for that little smoosh-face!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

dress- H&M / boots- Journeys / cardigan- Winners / tights- Ardenes / belt- Forever21
Or, belated Valentines Day I suppose... I hope that you all had a wonderful day doing whatever it was you were doing. My morning was spent running errands, and buying my mom a bouquet of flowers since my dad is away on a trip out West.. turns out he had roses delivered anyways (go dad!) but she still appreciated them. Originally, Brad and I were going to stay in and cook a roast, which sounds like nothing special, but for a student couple living on their own, red meat is a special occasion. Unfortunately, it didn't thaw in time, so we decided to go on a date to our favourite microbrewery down the street, The Merchant Ale House. Seriously, on the off chance you ever end up in the Niagara Region (St. Catharines, specifically) this is the place to go! We spent the rest of the night watching 10 Things I Hate About You and drinking way too much wine (which I suffered for this morning).

I have this awful habit of being very vague about what I want to do for special occasions, and then getting grumpy when things don't pan out the way I wanted.. Valentines Day began as no exception to this, and I found myself ho-humming in my car that Brad had barely acknowledged the day, and I bought myself some flowers to cheer up... then of course I came home to find a gorgeous bouquet of white roses, and I felt like I didn't even deserve a Valentine, let alone this amazing and generous guy.. but for some reason, he puts up with my insanity, so thank goodness for that! Now my living room is like a little garden, and I am longing for Spring. I'm not necessarily over winter, since it is my favourite season, I'd just like a touch of heat sometime soon!

This is the outfit I wore on our date (and then again today, because... laundry day).

On another note, I have added a new print to my Etsy shop. It is a painting that I just completed last week and is pictured at the end of this post. I'd love if you could check it out, tell a friend, whatever!

my newest painting, sold as 8x10 prints in my Etsy shop