Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wine Touring

If there is one thing I have inherited from my family, (other than my red hair, of course) it is my love for wine. So what better place to live than the Niagara Region, where I am surrounded by what seems like hundreds of wineries. Every year during the Grape & Wine Festival, my family invites a few people and we go out sampling wine at various estates. The Festival itself is a really cool concept, taking place a couple blocks from my apartment in the middle of the downtown. But being the anxious person I am, I just find the hustle&bustle of the crowds a bit too overwhelming. We try our best to switch up the places we go every year. This year I went with my mom, Aunt Danielle, my brother Ben, and our friend Tom. I sound pretentious already. We really go to drink wine, eat food, make fun of all the know-it-all yuppies.

We started off the day in Niagara-on-the-Lake at Pondview Winery. This was the smallest one we visited, but the food was incredible. We were served little tandoori chicken skewers on an apricot rice and a chardonnay. Afterward, we moved on to Trius Winery, where we had "Canada's Best Wine Burger" which was a delicious slider topped with caramelized onions, and a red wine (can't remember what type). We took a bit of a drive after those two and went to Vineland for the rest of the day. There we went to Flat Rock Cellars, which had the most beautiful view of the vineyards and Lake Ontario. The one that ended up being my favourite was Featherstone Winery. While the rest of the stops had an industrial and classy feel to them, Featherstone almost felt like you were going to a little family home that happened to be serving wine. I almost didn't want to leave, but decided just to buy a bottle so I could have a little bit of that place in my home. Next on the list was Fielding (as my brother pointed out, today was pretty much brought to you by the letter "F"). We were given a little plate of prosciutto, salami, cheese, olives, etc. to make our own custom appetizers, and sat outside on the hill and listened to the live band while taking in another gorgeous view. Again, it was very difficult to pry myself away from that place. On the plus side, my mom treated me to a bottle of their rosé (score!). Last on our list was Good Earth Food & Wine Co. where I learned what the difference between vertical and horizontal wine tasting. I could explain, but... you know..Google. I stuffed my face with a chicken and root vegetable stew, which we all want to recreate but were too embarrassed to ask the ingredients.

On the way home, we stopped in at a fruit stand and bought some apples so I can make an apple crisp next week. Sigh, I love Fall! I hope that you are all having a great weekend!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Wearing: Feeling Blue

... But not actually. Today just seemed like a good day to bust out my narwhal tights that I've been waiting all summer to wear. A long way back, I ordered these tights from TejaJamilla on Etsy and got about a week of wear out of them before the fire happened and all my clothes were taken away for 8 months to be cleaned. So, needless to say I was very excited to get them back in the Fall of last year.

It's a funny thing, losing pretty much all of your belongings in a few minutes (some forever, some just temporarily). I couldn't decide if the day they let us go through our possessions was like Christmas or like someone unloading contents of crap that you don't want on you. Sure, I was ecstatic and relieved to see some of my beloved belongings again, but after seeing how easy it is to live without your material possessions for 8 months I really just began to look at them as just things. Most of which didn't define me, and I no longer felt the need to hang on to. As much as we all try and deny it, everyone in my family was a bit of a pack rat. Afterward, we just decided to start fresh and clutter-free. 

dress- H&M / tights- TejaJamilla / flats- H&M

Anyways, I'm rambling. Long story short: I didn't miss a lot of stuff, but I was very happy to get these babies back! Hope that you all are enjoying your Monday, so far.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

DIY: Globe Makeover

Woke up this morning (ok, more like noon) to the sound of drizzling rain outside my window. With nowhere to be today, I was completely content to just curl up with a blanket and Netflix but then I thought that I should do something a bit more productive or creative. I decided to give my old globe a bit of a makeover. I've been seeing black and gold globes pop up all over the internet, and I love the rich look they give a room. I still have a bunch of chalkboard paint from my kitchen wall project (I'll post photos of that another day) so I figured I'd use that to get a nice matte finish, and who knows, maybe one day I'll want to scribble on it. 

The most challenging part of this little project was tracing around all of the tiny islands surrounding the continents. If you are going to attempt this, I'd suggest doing it on a day when you have no plans as it takes a very long time to complete. As you can see from the photos, by the time I finished painting my globe the sun had almost entirely set. I would also recommend painting at least 3 coats to get a good, solid finish. 

I am very happy with how it turned out, and I know Brad will be as well since he hated the colours of that globe from day one. I hope that everyone is having a great weekend!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Wearing: Autumn Days

I can't begin to explain how excited I am that fall is finally in the air again. I know it is the most cliché thing to start gushing about pumpkin-spice everything, sweater weather, layers, long socks, scarves, etc...but I just can't help it. I have never been much of a summer girl.. especially this year when I worked in an office all summer, and didn't even get a chance to go out in the sun. Humid nights where I feel forced to push Brad away from me in my sleep are not my cup of tea. I think that's why I love the climate where: we have 2 months of intense heat to give us a break from the snow (and make us appreciate the cold) then for the rest of the year its snuggling weather! I could do without the insane hydro bills (electric heating is the devil), but for the most part it is my favourite time of year.

 Not to mention it is my birthday next month, and my mom bought me, Brad, and herself tickets to go see Les Miserables when it comes to Toronto. I've already seen the play twice, but the last time was almost 10 years ago so I'm long overdue. I'm such a sucker for musicals. I recently went on a bit of a Buffy The Vampire Slayer kick (ok...more like I got completely sucked in for 2 months) and I couldn't believe I had never seen the musical episode! I've been humming the songs for weeks.

outfit details: scarf-Aldo / dress-H&M / cardigan-Forever21 / socks-Ardene

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