Saturday, September 21, 2013

DIY: Globe Makeover

Woke up this morning (ok, more like noon) to the sound of drizzling rain outside my window. With nowhere to be today, I was completely content to just curl up with a blanket and Netflix but then I thought that I should do something a bit more productive or creative. I decided to give my old globe a bit of a makeover. I've been seeing black and gold globes pop up all over the internet, and I love the rich look they give a room. I still have a bunch of chalkboard paint from my kitchen wall project (I'll post photos of that another day) so I figured I'd use that to get a nice matte finish, and who knows, maybe one day I'll want to scribble on it. 

The most challenging part of this little project was tracing around all of the tiny islands surrounding the continents. If you are going to attempt this, I'd suggest doing it on a day when you have no plans as it takes a very long time to complete. As you can see from the photos, by the time I finished painting my globe the sun had almost entirely set. I would also recommend painting at least 3 coats to get a good, solid finish. 

I am very happy with how it turned out, and I know Brad will be as well since he hated the colours of that globe from day one. I hope that everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. That looks really effective! You certainly have a lot of patience, I don't know if I have the concentration to do something like that!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog by the way...your blog is really lovely so count me as a new follower! I've actually just been going back through your older posts and read about the fire. So sad, it must have been a horrible time, but lovely to think that you have a new home and a cute little apartment plus the sweetest little dog ever! Sorry I'll stop rambling now :) xx


  2. What a good idea. Now I'm gonna be on the lookout for a globe.

    - April

  3. I absolutely love this idea! And your hair is fabulous girl!!
    xo TJ

  4. This is freakin lovely. I think I just might do this

  5. This is freakin lovely. I think I just might do this

  6. Wowza - you must have a steady hand!! You've inspired me - I want to do this but in gold! Xx
    Mili Mola