Monday, May 31, 2010


Today, I tried my hand at levitation photography. It was lots of fun, and sorry for this being such a sad first attempt..haha. I was going to just delete the last photo, but it is funny so I kept it. I love how my skirt is "falling" in the wrong direction hahaha. Here's the link to the photo I posted from this shoot: link

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Skirt-forever 21
Knee Highs- Nordstrom
Shirt- Anne Taylor
Cardigan- I can't remember !
Flats- H&M

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Well, my friends. Since I have been having such a good few weeks, I figured I would give something back to all of my spectacular (I've been using that word too much lately) followers ! So for the next 5 days, I will be having a giveaway ! The prize will be a lovely pair of H&M earrings, at about a $6 value, and then a SUPER SECRET MYSTERY PRIZE !

You MUST be a follower of Haggard Library to enter.
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To Enter:
Leave a comment below with your email address (so I can contact the winner). If you posted about the giveaway on your blog, say so in the same comment below, and leave a link to your blog post (so I have proof!). Anyone from around the world can enter !

I will pick a winner on Thursday, June 3rd at 11:59 pm. GOOD LUCK !!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hand-me downs

You know how there are certain things that stand out from your childhood? Well, for me, that stand out piece is this dress. It was my mother’s and she wore it all the time. When I picture my mom from the 90’s, I always see her in this dress. That is why I was horrified when she told me that she was throwing it out, last year. I snatched it from the clutches of the “donations” bag, and took it down to my lair (aka, my basement sewing room) and reconstructed it from an out-dated, almost floor-length, baggy dress, to an adorable knee-length summer dress! I can only hope that it survives long enough for my possible future daughter to wear! As I said before, please, if you get a chance, check out tomorrow to see my Spotlight Blogger of the Day banner and ad campaign !

dress- reconstructed

Forest Temple

Friday, May 28, 2010


Everyone, please be sure to check out on Sunday, because I just got an email saying that they chose me to be their Weardrobe Spotlight Blogger of the Day ! So I will get a big fancy banner across the top of the homepage, an ad campaign for the site with my photo, and hopefully it will make more people see my blog ! haha. As I said a few weeks ago, if only I could have this much luck with getting into residence at college..
Anyways, this is an old photo (back in February) but I forgot all about this dress ! I still want to shorten it a wee bit, to just above the knee so I can wear it out more. Man, I forgot how different I looked with straight bangs !

Dress- made by me
Flats- H&M

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chictopia Editor's Pick

I was pretty excited today when I saw that my latest outfit post had been chosen as Editor's Pick on the website Chictopia ! I hope everyone had a great Tuesday, and thanks again to the new followers ! I have half the prize for my first give-away and I'm just looking for a second piece ! Should be up tomorrow, hopefully ! So stay tuned, my friends !

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A photo a day keeps the doctor away

This guy took a photo of his face every day for 8 years ! It is so incredible to watch ! My favourite parts are his brief stints with a beard haha.

The Lost Woods

Monday, May 24, 2010

Victoria Day

Well, today is a holiday in Canada (Victoria Day) so everyone had the day off ! My boyfriend, Ian, came down in the morning and stayed all day and is asleep because he has to work very early tomorrow. We had a fun filled day, with a trip to the Virgil Stampede, and then a nice bike ride. One of the many reasons why Ian is incredible: he took about 100 shots of me on my bike, because I wanted the perfect photo. It was such a beautiful sunny day, so a bike ride was the perfect activity for the evening !

Top- Urban Outfitters
Shorts- H&M
Wedges- Thrifted

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May the Tri-force be with you

Today was another relaxing day. I went questing to find a closet organizer, again. Unfortunately, I seem to repel them, because I couldn't find one today, either ! This is my brother's shirt, and before he reads this and kicks my ass for stealing his clothes: I genuinely thought this was my plain black H&M tee shirt when I put it on. I took the first photo, looked at it and was like "WHAAAAT??!" when I realized I was not wearing my own shirt hahaha. On a different note, I need to befriend some photographers.. I'm running out of ideas/getting sick of taking my own photos hahaha.
Zelda Tee- my brother's
leggings- H&M

Flow sweetly, hang heavy.

My laziness has been increasing slowly over the past few weeks. For one, I am wearing jeans right now :| which never happens. Tomorrow, I'm going to wear a flowy dress, just because I feel like I need to make amends for restraining my legs with denim all day today. Secondly, I have been wearing my hair in a high, messy bun for the past 2 days. While I have received some compliments (even my dad's lame remark, "I like it when you wear your hair up.. I can see your big goofy ears better that way !") it is just something I don't often do. I need a trip to the city to get my fashion gears turning again. Not that is anything wrong with jeans, and a messy up-do. I LOVE them on other people, they just aren't me. However, this was the perfect outfit for a lazy evening of Ikea shopping with my dad ! My closet is a mess, and so I wanted to find an organizer or a wardrobe to sort it out. Unfortunately, my closet and room at my new house are much smaller than at my old house, so I couldn't find anything. The day wasn't a total disappointment though, because after we finished browsing through the never ending showroom, we went to Ikea's little restaurant and enjoyed some inexpensive dinner. I had swedish meatballs (with no sauce !?) and french fries. Also, Thank you to all of you followers, seasoned veterans and you new people !

Tee Shirt- H&M
Cardigan- Thrifted
Scarf- Winners (I think)

Friday, May 21, 2010

"Five of my Favourites" Fridays

Another week has gone by already ! Anyways, here are some more things that I love:
Floral Prints ! I know everyone says "blah blah blah, they're overdone" but I just love them !

Henry of Pelham's "Sibling Rivalry" Pink Wine ! It is delicious, and they have the coolest bottles. Unfortunately, I always get carried away when drinking it..for instance, I accidentally sipped away an entire bottle myself last night, while painting. This morning wasn't fun.

H&M ! I am so cheap, so it is great to be able to buy fashionable clothes for a small amount of money !

Tahti Syrjala ! Her style is so unique and incredible.

Hat Boxes ! They are such a beautiful way to store things, without looking messy.

{photo sources: one , two , four, five}

Sock love

I have a love for cozy socks, especially these ones ! My boyfriend, Ian's, mom got them for me for Christmas ! She always gets me awesome gifts on special occasions !

Kakariko Village

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My first makeup video

I have had a few people comment on my makeup recently, and someone suggested that I do a video to explain how I do it. So, here you are ! I apologize for the length, my awkward faces, and mindless rambling ! But I hope you will watch it until the end !

What to choose, what to choose ?

Remember that contest I won on a few weeks ago ? Well, after a lot pacing back and forth waiting for my gift certificate to come in the mail, I got an email from the people at The email said that since Newport News doesn't ship to Canada, they would let me pick out $100 worth of merchandise and send their rep my choices and he would mail them. So now it's decision time ! I already know that I am going to buy shoes, and I think I narrowed down my choice to a good selection. Please let me know your thoughts, as it would help me out a lot ! Here are the shoes I am thinking of picking (note: the shoes are pretty good deals so I can get all three, but would you pick any others instead from the website :

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Arthur Cone-an Doyle

Well, only a few more days until poor Nelson gets that cone off his head, and I really wanted some photos. Too bad I couldn't think of a better "cone" pun for the title of this..hahaha. ! I feel so bad for him, because he is such a compulsive self-cleaner, and when he has the cone on, he can't clean himself. On a fashion related note, I got these tights in Chicago, and I am in love with them. I think that they leather strips on the sides are so unique, and remind me of horseback riding (even though I don't ride horses). The charm bracelet on my arm is so beautiful, I always want to wear it. Unfortunately, it's my mother's and it means a lot to her because all of the charms are from her travels in Europe and they're all sterling silver.

Tee Shirt- H&M
Cardigan- Winners (I think)
Tights- H&M
Boots- my mom's
Nelson's oh so fashionable cone- the vet

Backyard Picnic

This romper is my new favourite piece in my wardrobe ! I got it from Zara when I was in Chicago a couple weeks ago. It is super comfortable, but the only problem is that is made for small chested girls..which I am not, haha. My mom bought me the tee shirt that I am wearing underneather, because the Loft was having a deal where if you bought a graphic tee, you would get 25% off your entire purchase total. As I mentioned earlier, I am experimenting with a more natural look with my make-up.

Romper- Zara
Tee Shirt- The Loft
Shoes- Thrifted
Socks- The Bay

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Lost Woods

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Au Naturel

I think these are the only photos of me on the internet with no makeup on ! I have just stopped wearing it when I'm around the house, because I thought "what is the point..?" hahaha. In the bottom photo you can see Nelson on the right (barely) with his cone on his head :( His operation went well, but he has to wear the cone for the 5 days.

Tee-Shirt: The Loft
Shorts: American Apparel

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fun friday night

This past Friday was very busy for me. First off, I had to drop my grandparents off at the airport, so that they could fly home to BC :(. Afterward, my mom and I went to a charity fashion show at one of the local high schools, because my mom's friend's daughter was in it. It was lots of fun, except this one part where a girl that was basically doing a strip dance to the song "Womanizer". That ended at about 8, so when I got home, I quickly gathered some things in an over-night bag, and headed on my way to Orangeville (about a 2 hour drive) for my boyfriend's 19th birthday party ! It was at our friend, Derek's, house and I saw a few people that I hadn't seen in almost a year !